Snooker & Pool Cues

Crafted for Champions: Unleash the Power of the Baize Master Collection of Snooker and Pool Cues.

Two Piece Cues

House Series

Quality Craftsmanship Meets Classic Design for Home, Club, or Pub

Explore the Baize Master House Series, a collection of 57-inch 2pc cues crafted for the perfect game experience. Designed with a distinctive purple wood butt and single-faced front splicing, these cues feature a quality ash shaft and a 9.5mm tip. Compatible with Baize Master extensions and available in various designs, these cues are competitively priced without compromising quality. Ideal for home, club, or pub use, immerse yourself in a range that embodies the traditional elegance and modern performance that only Baize Master can deliver. Discover the cue that fits your game today!

Gold Series

Exquisite Craftsmanship Meets Unmatched Performance

Explore Baize Master’s Gold Series 2pc Cues, a symphony of innovation and tradition. Crafted with precision, these cues offer unparalleled performance with convenience. Featuring hand-spliced ebony butts, professional layered tips, smooth ash shafts, and elegant designs like BLUE LIGHTNING, WHITE LIGHTNING, GOLD CAMPHOR, and BURL WOOD. Whether it’s snooker or English 8 ball pool, each cue provides a unique playing experience tailored to your needs. Experience the quality synonymous with Baize Master; select the perfect cue for your game today.

Silver Series

The Victory & Conquest Collection

Discover the elegance and artistry of Baize Master’s Silver Series 2pc Cues. From the triumphant Victory series featuring stunning blue, grey, and red stained maple splices to the Conquest series specially designed for aspiring junior players or those with limited playing space, each cue represents a perfect blend of luxury and function. With precision machined joints, ebonized four-point butts, and smooth sanded ash shafts, Baize Master brings unparalleled quality and style to your snooker and pool games. Explore the full range today and find the cue that will transform your game.

Three Quarter Jointed Cues

Emperor Pool Series

Master the Game with Precision and Elegance: The Ultimate English 8 Ball Pool Cues

Introducing the G14 Baize Master EMPEROR series – a handcrafted cue range designed for the serious player who demands perfection. Featuring a stiff, straight grained ash shaft, an 8mm tip, and an impressive 16-time hand-spliced design with stunning veneers, these cues offer unrivalled cue ball control and accuracy. Experience the effortless playing performance that has made the EMPEROR a sought-after name in the world of professional pool. Available in electric, yellow, red, and green designs, each cue reflects the quality and craft that sets Baize Master apart. Step up to the table with confidence; choose the EMPEROR series by Baize Master.

Emperor Snooker Series

The Gold Standard of Snooker Cues

Introducing the EMPEROR Snooker Series, a collection of exquisitely designed and skillfully handcrafted snooker cues by Baize Master. The G14 Gold Series offers prestigious and sought-after cues for those who are serious about their game. With stunning designs like YELLOW, RED, MAPLE, GREEN, and ELECTRIC EMPEROR, each cue is engineered for precision and accuracy, featuring a straight-grained ash shaft, 9.5mm tip, and an array of elegant veneers. Experience the electric feel of quality with the finely honed balance, air-sprung precision joint, and hand-spliced genuine ebony butt. Baize Master’s commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and perfection resonates in every cue, ensuring an effortless playing performance that instills confidence with every shot. Electrify your game with a cue from the EMPEROR Snooker Series. Buy with confidence from a British brand that stands for quality. Arm yourself with a Baize Master cue, and approach the table with confidence!

three piece cues

Elite Series

Precision, Luxury, and Versatility – The Elite Choice for Snooker and Pool Enthusiasts

Introducing the Baize Master Elite Series 3pc Snooker Pool Cues, designed with uncompromising quality for the true cue sports lover. These stunning cues feature single-faced, stained maple front splices with complementing red and green veneers, and a 4-point rosewood butt that resonates luxury. Whether you prefer an 8mm or 9.5mm tip, our Elite cues offer excellent cue ball control, smooth cueing action, and versatility with adjustable lengths. Crafted for both snooker and pool, the Elite series assures a professional feel and performance, with a weight customization option available. Experience the Elite range today, where style meets precision.