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Born from a passion for the baize.

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Our incredible supplier community is the heartbeat of our business; we offer suppliers a vital source of increased revenue by providing them with quality snooker & pool products with healthy profit margins. If you’re looking for an opportunity to grow your business, join us!

Who are we?

Baize Master is a prestigious British cue sports brand based in Yorkshire and owned by Funky Chalk Ltd. Born from a passion for the baize, we use our product expertise to supply premium quality cue sports equipment without the premium price tag. Pay for quality, not the name. Our team of experts and retail stockists are always on hand to give customer support. Arm yourself with a Baize Master cue and approach the table with confidence!

Proud sponsors of Golden 8 Ball

Baize Master is a proud to sponsor the UK’s most prestigious pool tournament.

The ethos of Golden 8 Ball is to create a relaxed, friendly event, that mimics a pub environment, with loud music, lighting, fun atmosphere and plenty of pool and beer. We want teams of all abilities to play as much pool as possible, and structure the event in such a way that teams end up playing other teams of similar ability in the final stages.