snooker & pool cue CASES

Crafted for Champions: Discover the Baize Master Collection of Snooker and Pool Cue Cases

3/4 Cue Cases

Explorer Series

Embark on the Ultimate Journey: Discover Precision, Style, and Protection

Introducing Baize Master’s Explorer Series 3/4 Size range, the epitome of class and functionality for the avid snooker and pool player. These professional aluminium cue cases, accented with a unique vintage explorer map design, are crafted with the most serious players in mind. Robust construction, acoustic shaped padding, and luxurious chrome latches combine to provide unparalleled style and protection. Whether you need to hold two 3/4 joint cues or a single cue with extensions, the Explorer Series has a solution tailored for you. Discover the perfect blend of design and durability, and let your cue journey in elegance.

Deluxe Patch Series

Striking Elegance Meets Durability: A Statement of Style for Snooker and Pool Enthusiasts

Welcome to the Patch Series from Baize Master, where form and function converge. These deluxe 3/4 cue cases, available in striking color variations like BLACK, WHITE, BLUE, GOLD, RED, and GREEN, have been crafted to capture the essence of style without compromising on protection. Chunky plastic ends reinforce the case against knocks and bumps, while a suede-style padded interior cradles your cue, ensuring a tight and secure fit. Whether it’s the stunning debossed Baize Master logo on the flexible handle or the internal chalk compartment for your accessories, every detail is a testament to quality and design. Explore the range and choose the hue that best represents you, all while resting assured that your cue’s safety is in the best hands.

Luxury Patch Series

Safeguard Your Cue with Sophistication and Strength

Experience the pinnacle of luxury with Baize Master’s Patch with Rounded Ends Series cue cases. Designed to cradle 3/4 jointed cues, these exquisite cases are distinguished by their stylish patch design and aesthetically pleasing rounded edge corners. The soft suede-style interior ensures your cue remains snug and secure, while the robust construction safeguards against warping, knocks, and bumps. Available in a range of designs, the cases are adorned with a polished Baize Master metal badge, an embroidered internal logo, and two securing straps, offering an unmatchable blend of style and protection. Step into the realm of refined elegance with a case that’s not just a container but a statement of your passion for the game.

2 piece cue cases

Plain Series

Classic Elegance Meets Practical Function

Discover the refined simplicity of Baize Master’s Plain Series 2pc Deluxe Cue Cases. Crafted for those who appreciate understated elegance, these cases feature a classic single-color exterior, combined with soft suede-style interiors in contrasting colors. The chunky plastic ends offer improved protection, while the internal chalk compartment adds practicality. Each case is finished with the quality Baize Master metal badge and a debossed logo on the handle, offering the perfect blend of style and function for your snooker and pool cues. Explore our range below and find the perfect match for your game.

Colourful Series

Our Colourful Series Adds a Splash of Elegance to Your Snooker and Pool Experience

Introducing the Colourful Series by Baize Master, an exclusive collection of deluxe 2-piece cue cases designed to protect and elevate your snooker and pool playing experience. Featuring vibrant single-color exterior designs, our cue cases are adorned with quality exterior metal badges, debossed logos, and chunky plastic ends for added protection. The internal chalk compartment and matching suede-style padded interiors provide both style and practical function. These cases are perfect for holding 1 x 2-piece centre-jointed cue, ensuring complete protection for both storage and transport. Choose from our unique array of colors including White Stitch, All Dark Green, All Navy, and All Burgundy, each crafted to perfection. Embrace the perfect blend of elegance and functionality with Baize Master’s Colourful Series today.

Arrow Series

Hitting the Mark with Elegance in the Arrow Series 2pc Cue Cases

Explore the vibrant Arrow Series 2pc Size range by Baize Master, meticulously designed for the modern cue sports aficionado. Our deluxe cases offer unparalleled protection with chunky plastic ends and an attractive arrow design that adds a dash of sophistication. With a variety of shades including Sky Blue, Yellow, White, Red, Pink, and Burgundy, each case features a matching suede style padded interior for secure fit and an internal chalk compartment for added convenience. Experience the fusion of style, functionality, and quality that only Baize Master can provide. These cases are suitable for centre jointed cues, be it snooker or pool, and promise complete protection in both storage and transport. Explore the collection and find the perfect companion for your cue.

Patch Series

Patch Design Perfection in Every Cue Case

Introducing the Baize Master Deluxe 2pc Patch Series of cue cases. With a range of vibrant color combinations including BLUE & BLACK, WHITE & BLACK, RED & BLACK, GOLD, and GREEN & BLACK, these cases are crafted with chunky plastic ends for superior protection and eye-catching patch design. Each case showcases an internal chalk compartment, suede-style padded interior, quality exterior Baize Master metal badge, and more. The cases are designed to hold 1 x 2 piece centre jointed cue, suitable for both snooker and pool. From style to security, find the perfect blend in our 2pc Patch Series.

1 piece cue cases

Deluxe Patch Series

A Symphony of Style & Function

Discover the exclusive Baize Master Patch Deluxe Series, offering one-piece snooker cue cases designed to carry and protect two cues. Crafted with care and aesthetic brilliance, each variant features chunky plastic ends and an eye-catching patch design that embodies both style and functionality. The suede-style padded interior ensures a snug fit, while the durable construction safeguards your cues from warping and external harm. Explore a range of designs and colors that not only serve as robust carriers but also as statement pieces in your billiards collection. Whether it’s the elegance of the gold patch or the boldness of the harlequin, find a case that resonates with your style.

Luxury Patch Series

Patch Luxury Series 1pc Size Range – Your Cue’s Perfect Home

Introducing Baize Master’s Patch Luxury Series, designed to accommodate 2 x 1pc cues with unparalleled elegance and functionality. The collection features exclusive designs like HARLEQUIN PATCH, BLACK AND WHITE PATCH, BLUE AND WHITE PATCH, and more, tailored with aesthetic rounded edge corners and a suede style interior. With external dimensions of 157cm x 9cm x 5cm and a maximum cue length of 149.5cm, these cases are crafted to perfection with a strong and robust construction to ensure ultimate protection. The exquisite details like the polished Baize Master metal badge, embroidered internal logo, quality metal clasps, and securing straps, along with an internal chalk compartment, elevate these cue cases to a level of luxury that matches your passion for the game. Explore the range to find the ideal style that resonates with your spirit on and off the table.